ISDC winning dances become the sole property and copyright of the ISDC. This copyright does not permit the recording or reproducing of their dances by film, video, DVD or any other electronic device. It is also forbidden to reproduce all or any part thereof of the dance scripts in any format.


This rule applies to all the Major Dance Associations and Organisations.


Winning Dance copyright must be adhered to.


Reproduction in any format of copyright material without the prior  consent of the copyright holder is strictly forbidden.



Dear Sequence Dance Enthusiast,


The ISDC has become aware that individuals have been infringing its copyright in prize-winning sequence dances and scripts by producing video performances of those dances and posting them on the YouTube website. The ISDC has subsequently become aware that those individuals have been selling videos of their performances of ISDC dances in DVD format for profit.


The ISDC invests a very great deal of time and money in facilitating the development of the dances, which are professionally produced and choreographed.
The ISDC only publishes scripts of dances which win prizes in its annual competitions. ISDC scripts are sold only through an authorised script service such as Brockbank Lane to enthusiasts and dance teachers worldwide. The copyright notice on the dance scripts allow a dance teacher to teach the dance to their class or in private, but not to record, reproduce or otherwise distribute the script. In that way the ISDC intends that enthusiasts can enjoy the dances in a professionally taught one-to-one environment and that a contribution has been made to the development, choreography and notation of the dance and to the significant cost of holding the event the dances are entered for.


The posting of the ISDC’s copyrighted material on YouTube undermines and threatens the production and development of new prize winning dances and harms investment in sequence dancing. The reason ISDC’s dances have been performed in these videos is testament to both the quality of and worldwide interest in the dances. ISDC’s copyright in the dances is no different to, for example, rights in a musical or film.


Reluctantly the ISDC has acted to protect the integrity and continued existence of its prize winning dances and reminded the individuals concerned of the legal position, particularly given that those individuals were seeking to profit from ISDC’s copyright by the sale of DVDs. The ISDC has also reluctantly reminded the individual concerned of the potentially criminal consequences of exploiting the ISDC’s copyrighted materials for profit, which is akin to the sale of copied CD or DVDs or indeed the sale of unauthorised recordings of concerts.


Because of the very serious threat copyright infringement poses to the continued production of new and innovative dances the ISDC takes the matter very seriously. The ISDC’s priority is to ensure that its prize-winning dances continue to be devised and produced to an exceptional standard, for the enjoyment of competitors and sequence dancers alike.


The ISDC thanks its customers and competitors for their continued support.





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